To Artists and Managers:

Thank you for your interest in the Allegro Guitar Series. We review materials on an ongoing basis and are usually booked about 12 months in advance of each season. For instance, by September all the artists for the following September through April will be chosen. We prefer materials and sound samples to be available electronically on a web site or via email. If you do not have that capability, you may submit materials to the address below. We are not able to respond to all requests, but will be in touch if we need additional information. It is not necessary to submit proposals to the individual presenters. Only proposals received at the address or email below will be considered.

The current review panel is made up of myself and several other professionals in our field. Our International Advisory Board as well as a panel of local professionals also advises us. We generally present two or three well-known artists and two or three virtuoso players who are currently less well known. You may check the “Artists Presented” at the bottom of our home page to see artists we have presented in the past. Hundreds of artists have submitted requests to be presented by the AGS and, as you can imagine, the most trying aspect of our job is choosing from among the great number of fine performers.

Allegro Guitar Series concerts are presented in Fort Worth at the Kimbell Art Museum Renzo Piano Pavilion Concert Hall, and in Dallas at various venues.  As this is a series for a general audience rather than strictly guitar aficionados, we lean toward repertoire that is tonal and accessible. Please understand, that does not mean we want “light” or “watered down” programs. Although we occasionally present jazz, early music, and themed concerts, our series is primarily a classical guitar series.

Artists for the Allegro Guitar Series are contracted through the Allegro Arts Partnership (AAP) an organization under the auspices of the Fort Worth Classic Guitar Society. (Contracts and payments issue from FWCGS.) The AAP exercises a policy of program approval to avoid duplications and repertoire that is not appropriate for the season series. Artists must be willing to submit programs for consideration along with other materials. Any changes to the proposed program must be approved by AAP.

The AAP reserves the right to choose artists for the series based on artistic merit and appropriateness of repertoire. All foreign artists presented by the AAP must have current INS documentation and must show proof of valid work visas* prior to their engagement. By U.S. federal law, we are allowed neither to present nor to pay artists without proper work visas in force. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are required to report our budget to the IRS annually. The AAP does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

Again, thank you for your interest in our series.


Christopher McGuire
Artistic Director
Allegro Arts Partnership
P.O. Box 821954
Fort Worth, TX 76182-1954

Postscript to Ensembles

It is unusual for us to book anything other than classical guitar solo, duo, trio and quartet (or, classical guitar as the primary solo instrument with a chamber ensemble) because a significant percentage of our audience has let us know they really don’t care for combinations of guitar with other instruments on the series. The issue is that the guitar usually takes an accompanimental role in most ensemble music and they prefer hearing the guitar as the primary melodic instrument. However, we will be happy to hear from any guitar related ensembles.

The North Texas region has the happy distinction of hosting several very fine chamber music presenters. So, our audience gets their chamber music “fix” from some of the best local and touring artists available. Also, unlike many guitar societies, our audience is not primarily made up of guitar players and aficionados.

Immigration and Visa information:

*For solo artists: O-1B is the only valid, legal visa for work in the USA.

*For ensembles: P-1B is for internationally recognized entertainers or members of internationally recognized entertainment groups.

Please visit this USCIS site for accurate information

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Allegro Guitar Society is the DBA name for Fort Worth Classic Guitar Society, a Part 501(c)(3) non profit organization

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