We continue to reach thousands of young audience members and aspiring musicians through our Guitar on the Go and Guitar in the Schools Outreach Programs. Guitar on the Go is our performing outreach that brings great music as well as stories that illuminate history, literature, geography and cultures to K – 12th grade students in Tarrant and Dallas Counties. Guitar in the Schools is an outreach program funded in part by a grant from the D’Addario Foundation for the Arts that allows us to provide teachers who visit guitar classes throughout North Texas and provide clinics and private lessons. If you teach a class or are in one, please feel free to email, Chris@GuitarSociety.org or call 817-498-0363. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

From Ragas to Riches

Texas Tapestry

Career Day Programs

The Imagination Game
with Christopher McGuire

The Allegro Guitar Series and other Special Events are just the tip of what we do at the Guitar Society. We also perform outreach programs for children in the Fort Worth ISD and in neighboring school districts throughout North Central Texas. We also provide teaching programs at local schools.

Resident ensembles:

The Allegro Guitar Quartet (AGQ) performs “From Ragas to Riches,” a program for elementary school children that traces the plight of the Gitano (or Rom) people from northern India to Spain. The students hear musical influences the Gypsies carried with them and some they picked up along their way from India to Spain. All at once they receive lessons in music, history, various cultures and geography. AGQ performers are Gerald Jones, Polly Maynard, Christopher McGuire and Jan Ryberg.

“Texas Tapestry, a Musical Journey” traces the influences various groups have brought to Texas over a period of 500 years and the influence Texas musicians are now having on the rest of the world. Performers in the program are Jim “Texas Shorty” Chancelor, Gerald Jones, George Anderson and Christopher McGuire.

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Allegro Guitar Society is the DBA name for Fort Worth Classic Guitar Society, a Part 501(c)(3) non profit organization

P.O. Box 82954, Fort Worth, Texas 76182-1954   info@GuitarSociety.org