Staff Oportunities

Join the Allegro Staff


If you feel your skills are a fit and you can commit to a specific type of work, please let us know.  We have very few current staff and lots of staff needs.  We need staff members for:

Administrative Assistance

Community and Education Outreach

Concert Operations and Ticketing

Grant, Foundation and Sponsor Development


Information Technology

Marketing and Sales

Ticketing and Fulfillment

Please let us know about your interests, experience, and time availability.




Volunteer Oportunities

Become an Allegro Part-time Volunteer


We have several volunteer opportunities that take little to no previous experience and modest periodic time commitment.  These opportunities include providing help at our concerts and help with our member communications and our promotional efforts.  Let us know the type of volunteer work you enjoy.


Volunteer Concert Operations:  Will Call, Ushering, Ticket and CD sales, Ticket lifts.

Volunteer Member Communications: Pre-concert attendee contacts, Member sales, Concert sales

Volunteer Materials Distribution: Supply posters and cards to colleges, arts venues, music stores, restaurants, etc.





Concierge Service

Concierge Service



The Allegro board of directors is committed to providing an excellent experience for our members.  All subscribers and donors are offered Concierge Service.  Upon request, Allegro will assign a Board Member as a concierge to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions and get to know your Classical Guitar interests.  If you would like to be introduced to a Board Member, just call or email us.


Call: (817) 498 0363
Email: info@guitarsociety.org




Program Recognition

How Allegro Manages Donation Recognition
in our Concert Program


Donors are recognized in concert programs unless one chooses to keep their donation private. Our season is from September 1 to June 30, but some people make their donations after the season has begun. Therefore …
  • Donations made from January 1 to August 31 are recognized in the concert programs for the upcoming Season.
  • Donations made between September 1 and December 31 will be recognized in one calendar year of programs.

Allegro keeps track of donations on an annual calendar basis and will send out a letter of appreciation in January to confirm that the donation was made to a part 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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Tax Deductibility

Make Your Donation Tax Advantaged or Tax Deductible


Historically, donations to charities and the arts were tax deductible when itemized. Changes in tax law have limited itemized tax deductions yet there are still ways to make tax advantaged donations:

  • IRA Distributions
    A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is a distribution made directly by the trustee of your individual retirement account (IRA) to qualified organizations. You must have been at least age 70½ when the distribution was made. Your total QCDs for the year can’t be more than $100,000.  A QCD is a nontaxable IRA distribution, but you can’t also claim a charitable contribution deduction on your income tax return.
  • Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Trust
    Many people have established a “Donor Advised Fund” or “Charitable Trust” to fund annual donations several years in advance.  Amounts deposited in the fund above the standard deduction are deductible in the year deposited.  Interim earnings in the account are also tax-free.

To make a donation from your IRA, or through a Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Trust contact your financial institution. They should send checks to:

Fort Worth Classic Guitar Society
P.O. Box 821954
Fort Worth, TX 76182-1954




Seat Assignments

How Allegro Manages Seat Assignments for Subscribers


Allegro subscribers receive season seat assignments for concerts with assigned seating such as at the Kimbell Renzo Pavilion. Subscriber seats are available in zones that sell at a premium price for single concert ticket sales.

Members who renew their subscription by the pre-sales cut-off date, usually June 30, will be assured of receiving the same seat location they had the previous year, within a seat or two.

Donors at the Patron Level and above who would like to change their seat location may communicate their desires at any time and their request will be placed on a wait list. In the following season Allegro will make accommodations where possible.

Call: (817) 498 0363
Email: info@guitarsociety.org



Donation Levels

Donation Levels

Donation Levels
Allegro Guitar Society offers many ways to thank members for their donations.  The offers below are at the option of the donor and at no additional cost to Allegro.  No goods or compensated services are provided in exchange for donations.

Sustainer Level – $100
Donors at the Sustainer Level and above may receive recognition in our concert programs.  See Program Recognition for details.

Benefactor Level – $250
Donors at the Benefactor Level and above may request complimentary guest seats for individual concerts.  These seats are confirmed based on availability and some limits apply.  See Request Guest Seats for details.

Patron Level – $500
Donors at the Patron Level and above may request changes to their seasonal assigned seats.  The request will be placed on a wait list and accommodated when possible.  See Seat Assignments for details.

Master Level – $1000
Donors at the Master Level and above may arrange for a Private Concert by one of Allegro’s performance level volunteer guitarists.  This can be a private party, special occasion or company event.

Sponsor Level -$2500
Donors at the Sponsor and Segovia Circle levels may have their company name and logo prominently displayed on our website and in our concert programs.

Segovia Circle – $5000
Segovia Circle donors may have a full-page advertisement in our programs.


Call: (817) 498 0363
Email: info@guitarsociety.org